Tony Jaa fight demonstration


Tony Jaa shows off his Muay Thai fighting skills while promoting Ong Bak to the San Francisco press. The somersault kick at the end is just plain badass.


  • Sunil Kushwah
    Sunil Kushwah5 tahun yang lalu

    I love you sir ji ..I love you to

  • Richy K.
    Richy K.6 tahun yang lalu


  • GC T. Nazareno

    GC T. Nazareno

    4 tahun yang lalu

    +Daniel Evele he is born in Thailand with Cambodian descent so he speaks Northern Khmer and Thai :)

  • Richy K.

    Richy K.

    5 tahun yang lalu

    Do some fucking research scumbag...his nationality but his ethnicity is khmer you ladyboy

  • troywin45
    troywin457 tahun yang lalu

    Better? That'a a joke. Tony Jaa is just an actor. Look at Buakaw.

  • Rexman Ng
    Rexman Ng7 tahun yang lalu

    that made me laugh by the way, so thank you :)

  • elh686
    elh6867 tahun yang lalu

    I'd check out some Donnie Yen also as much of a star in china as any that I've seen on some "best of" lists. He gets 4gotten in these types of discussions but he's the real deal and you'd be surprised at how many movies you've actually seen him in.

  • Blasphemyy1
    Blasphemyy18 tahun yang lalu

    the way u can compare ja to lee is they both took there art mastered it then brought it for u to know. period.

  • seyama paragon
    seyama paragon8 tahun yang lalu

    i love tony ja -////-

  • 3786738reggie
    3786738reggie8 tahun yang lalu

    lol mabey even better??

  • solidsports12
    solidsports128 tahun yang lalu

    They have two totally different styles. It's like comparing Michael Jordan and Joe Montana.

  • trendsonic77
    trendsonic778 tahun yang lalu

    real life Adon.

  • TheShinobi32
    TheShinobi328 tahun yang lalu

    Were do you see dancing it looks like what it is witch is muay boran.

  • floppykid
    floppykid8 tahun yang lalu

    Som superb athleticism.

  • PlayLoLKeepCool
    PlayLoLKeepCool8 tahun yang lalu

    @mrjohnbutler bruce lee was ill he was an great martial artist but he was rly ill

  • TheMASDrummer
    TheMASDrummer9 tahun yang lalu

    him vs bruce lee... bruce wins. but still

  • michael joseph mc dalee
    michael joseph mc dalee9 tahun yang lalu

    Where and when was this, tell me if anyone could enter, Greetings susbcribirè me to your channel.

  • Mikkael365
    Mikkael3659 tahun yang lalu

    @xTLzZ thats different

  • Alex Rai
    Alex Rai9 tahun yang lalu

    @brockhit dude actors

  • Ko M
    Ko M9 tahun yang lalu

    protector2(3D) it's new movie from Jaa in soon pls wait. i'm thai sorry about my english. and thanks everyone to like our Jaa

  • Alex Rai
    Alex Rai9 tahun yang lalu

    1st Bruce Lee 2nd Donnie Yen 3rd Tony Jaa 4th Jet Li 5th Jackie Chan THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE....

  • zion50500
    zion505009 tahun yang lalu

    I really hope he plans to make more movies and take my moneys.

  • Bunta Fujiwara
    Bunta Fujiwara9 tahun yang lalu

    I wonder how much his stuntmen get paid. Hahaha.

  • rolfke1
    rolfke19 tahun yang lalu

    love the kick at 0:32 ^^

  • Bankhead Bee
    Bankhead Bee9 tahun yang lalu

    @regninnep12 yea i have lol but are you comparing these 2 ?? lol

  • Bankhead Bee
    Bankhead Bee9 tahun yang lalu

    @regninnep12 yea are u kidding lol..but tony on a different level muay thai aint easy alot of styles an techniques an he jus about mastered it from the looks of it an his physical ability i wonder what he would do in the mma

  • Bankhead Bee
    Bankhead Bee9 tahun yang lalu

    @regninnep12 yea i know bout him to he's good as well but muay thi is on a hold different level cuz its so manny styles an his physical ability is off the charts

  • Arturas Bonckus
    Arturas Bonckus9 tahun yang lalu

    Its Liu Kang!!!

  • regninnep12
    regninnep129 tahun yang lalu

    @MajorMajor34 ever heard of michael jai white?

  • Bankhead Bee
    Bankhead Bee9 tahun yang lalu

    @regninnep12 naw jet li good but he not messing with this guy

  • regninnep12
    regninnep129 tahun yang lalu

    @MajorMajor34 and jet li is probably the best fighter in the world

  • regninnep12
    regninnep129 tahun yang lalu

    @MajorMajor34 did you just say tony jaa is the best fighter in the world? ur wrong lol scott adkins would beat tony jaa. and scott adkins probably isnt even the best

  • michael joseph mc dalee
    michael joseph mc dalee9 tahun yang lalu

    @DieWarheitimHerzen the best fight is of the jacki9e chan

  • elchacal31
    elchacal319 tahun yang lalu

    Is it true that he had a Muay Thai fight??? anybody knows how to find it?

  • 327diter
    327diter9 tahun yang lalu

    @NFuNFu yea hes the best probley right now but not 40 years ago

  • chefawkes
    chefawkes9 tahun yang lalu

    if wwe was like this, i'd watch it.

  • feiafakkaa
    feiafakkaa9 tahun yang lalu

    luv him and his style...

  • xdddre
    xdddre9 tahun yang lalu


  • DanyEl
    DanyEl9 tahun yang lalu

    He is the best fighter in the world.... in my opinion...

  • mrjohnbutler
    mrjohnbutler9 tahun yang lalu

    2nd only to Bruce Lee in my opinion

  • Timmevds
    Timmevds9 tahun yang lalu

    what if it wasn't choreographed? i don't get how this shows how good you can fight

  • PsnZvFreak
    PsnZvFreak9 tahun yang lalu

    R.I.P Bruce lee

  • Taiger Aspah
    Taiger Aspah9 tahun yang lalu

    @jakekungs well its allways one gotta take him down then all attack xD

  • Jonathan Pacheco
    Jonathan Pacheco9 tahun yang lalu

    Wonderful!! man

  • Raptortheknight
    Raptortheknight9 tahun yang lalu

    you see much that he don´t hit them really

  • Angel Spasov
    Angel Spasov9 tahun yang lalu

    @cyberhitachi I think it's Muay Thai.

  • linux750
    linux7509 tahun yang lalu

    this is GENIUS marketing. Did anyone else notice the "Ong Bak" sign in the background indicating that this was a publicity stunt used to hype the movie?

  • Ryan Schindigg
    Ryan Schindigg9 tahun yang lalu

    i bet "ip man" could take him, if not itd be dam close

  • stalhein61
    stalhein619 tahun yang lalu

    @Demonyk1 You're absolutely correct, I just want to add that Muay Boran was a martial art developed for fighting armed opponents. Muay Thai is a competition sport. Massive respect to Jaa-kru.

  • MiNDx1er
    MiNDx1er9 tahun yang lalu

    this reminds me of that one time where everything was like everywhere all at once! way to go! woooo!

  • pissedpookie
    pissedpookie10 tahun yang lalu

    @Demonyk1 I have looked it up. That's why I'm well aware of the fact that Muay Boran is extinct. It's an old style that is now dead, due to the fact that it lost popularity and wasn't useful in the Muay Thai ring. I'm also aware of the fact that schools now falsely advertise that they teach Muay Boran, due to the existence of Tony Jaa fanbois. There are forms of Muay Thai (crushing elephant?) that focus more on grappling and joint-locking as well. This is not exclusively Muay Boran's deal.

  • pissedpookie
    pissedpookie10 tahun yang lalu

    @ePakamatches Oh, much agreed! Tony Jaa could fight much better than most of us, much in the same way that Jet Li could fight much better than most of us. However, given the choice, I'd put my money on just about any decently ranked Muay Thai fighter over Jaa in the ring. My point is that the tipping point between Tony Jaa and some random street punk with an attitude is a lot closer to being in the punk's favor than Mr. Jaa's fans realize.

  • pissedpookie
    pissedpookie10 tahun yang lalu

    @Demonyk1 Where are you getting this idea that Muay Boran even exists? Can you name a guy who really teaches Muay Boran? It's an archaic version of Muay Thai. It's kind of like saying that you can learn how to speak Latin. No one knows how to do it anymore and even if someone did, modern Muay Thai would have seriously influenced it.

  • squeeze bag
    squeeze bag10 tahun yang lalu

    guy's awesome

  • pissedpookie
    pissedpookie10 tahun yang lalu

    @ePakamatches Obviously, you missed davenow saying that this was all real. No problem, I forgive you. As far as Mr. Jaa, perhaps he can fight in real life. However, for the record, he has no amateur or professional fights that I can find, he has no ranking in any martial arts organization or league and even his Muay Thai and TKD training has been all informal. He's a movie star, NOT A FIGHTER. Huge difference and while I respect Mr. Jaa's acrobatics, his fans need to be more realistic.

  • pissedpookie
    pissedpookie10 tahun yang lalu

    @davenow YEah. It's so real all the guys are throwing themselves into somersaults when they get hit by him. And lining up into neat little rows and letting him walk on their shoulders. And falling over backwards when he does ridiculously unbalanced windmill knees to the chest which looks as if it packs as much power as a 7 year old's front kick. Yeah, it's totally real. So f'n real that he never, ever needs to back it up against world class fighters on the biggest stage in the world.

  • AznGonWild2014
    AznGonWild201410 tahun yang lalu

    can you guys tell me which one is better MMA or Muay Thai? i wanna know so i can take classes!

  • masashi01
    masashi0110 tahun yang lalu

    @vichet90 Bokator, not muay thai.

  • TbKBFighter
    TbKBFighter10 tahun yang lalu

    myjunihond ... now you are the next fool . now saw me how do you know that tony jaa think he is best? and are you crazy and and brain less martial arts expert? tony jaa is only an stunt man for sure he never fough he sad it him self and jacki chan is only stunt man to. the only one who fought real fights in china is jet li .. but they arent still the best martial artist in the world..

  • stalhein61
    stalhein6110 tahun yang lalu

    @BeastlyJaush cant you see that hes deliberately slowing it down?

  • ワンパンマン
    ワンパンマン10 tahun yang lalu

    "TONY JAA" amazing real "MUAY THAI" !!!

  • Martin Jonth
    Martin Jonth10 tahun yang lalu

    @davenow you ar ewrong to say you don't need to mix styles. glappling is very needed aswell xd

  • Jaush Kinney
    Jaush Kinney10 tahun yang lalu

    @davenow id bet on most mma fighters against tony jaa, most of those flashy kicks will not work, he would be better off in K-1

  • Mee Yang
    Mee Yang10 tahun yang lalu

    he good, the best but one thing is that, he show up too much like bruce lee and he might get kill some day.......jet li and jackin chan r not like him and not show up like him tony jaa martial art are not bad at all but just that tooooooo much show up and he think his the best, I don't think so......jet li and jackin chan r the best marial art in the worl since bruce lee have pass alway.....

  • Nacho Espejo Producciones
    Nacho Espejo Producciones10 tahun yang lalu


  • Fran Tehgamer
    Fran Tehgamer10 tahun yang lalu

    tony jaa its great he know 100% muay thai i dont see noone better than he sure he win all MMA nuubs !! :)) art martials muay thai beat all

  • Fran Tehgamer
    Fran Tehgamer10 tahun yang lalu

    tony jaa its great he know 100% muay thai i dont see noone better than he sure he win all MMA nuubs !! :)) art martials muay thai beat all

  • 987654321
    98765432110 tahun yang lalu

    @davenow hahah yes. mma is fucking stupid steroid pumped men acting like animals. it is not a martial in any way. its just fighting.

  • clearcombat
    clearcombat10 tahun yang lalu

    @jraybay Those basic moves are used by the police, FBI, marines, navy, army and air force all over the world. Combat is different than a martial art form. The UFC has shown the world what fighting methods work, like: boxing, kicking, wrestling, muay thai, greco/roman, judo and submissions.

  • Jraybay
    Jraybay10 tahun yang lalu

    @clearcombat Ufc is a joke. many of them know basic shit anyway . The ufc doesnt even showcase half the things a martial artist can do. It's stand up and ground and pound, big deal. But maybe someone will throw in a clever submission from time to time.

  • clearcombat
    clearcombat10 tahun yang lalu

    Tony Jaa is retiring because his movies never exploded like Bruce lee's did. Also because of all the critizism of his expertise in fighting. He is not respected by marial artist all over. The pressure got to him.

  • clearcombat
    clearcombat10 tahun yang lalu

    @UKJrocker A UFC fighter would kill this guy. At last Bruce Lee sparred real fighters from time to time, this guy is a action star, not a fighter at all. Look at the moves, any fighter would take his leg a slam him to the ground.

  • Kobe Edje
    Kobe Edje10 tahun yang lalu

    @SleazySanjuro hummm,thanks for the information,but he released a few weeks ago ong bak 3,must be he's last movie

  • Kobe Edje
    Kobe Edje10 tahun yang lalu

    @SleazySanjuro what???why did he retired???

  • Kobe Edje
    Kobe Edje10 tahun yang lalu

    sweeeeettttt,tony jaa is the man,can't wait to see him in hollywood

  • BigPizzaSniffers
    BigPizzaSniffers10 tahun yang lalu

    why do you compare this with mma ? this is muay thai for entertainment, don't come and say "this is the real deal not like those guys at ufc". this is amazing but it is just for the show, he is not a fighter.

  • Don Boyka
    Don Boyka10 tahun yang lalu

    @Goukimessatsu2 Rofl ya wish,Jet li would eat this guy,and Jacky chan...u kidding me ? Jacky chan isn't a fighter you see in movies,hes like 3 x better in real life then on the movies...

  • MaximuMMaximus1
    MaximuMMaximus110 tahun yang lalu

    @fingerboy18 rofl i have no idea where you get your sources but thats a load of horse shit

  • Randy Lott
    Randy Lott10 tahun yang lalu

    @MaximuMMaximus1 Muay Thai is specifically used to kill the opponent. I don't think you'll be seeing that happen.

  • Bankhead Bee
    Bankhead Bee10 tahun yang lalu

    He is a beast prolly best fighter in the world he does his moves so easy

  • hk91583
    hk9158310 tahun yang lalu

    high think people should pay equal respect to the stuntsmen that play the "goons" because they have equal timing and skills to match tony jaa's movements

  • MaximuMMaximus1
    MaximuMMaximus110 tahun yang lalu

    @davenow not that tony jaa isn't a fucking beast, but that's a ridiculous statement. i mean for fucks sake ITS CHOREOGRAPHED. i want to see him actually FIGHT.

  • Charlie Moore
    Charlie Moore10 tahun yang lalu

    he uses his knees

  • admiralcrash1
    admiralcrash110 tahun yang lalu

    tony jaa will fuck you up.

  • am93
    am9310 tahun yang lalu

    He's just at the peak of fucking awesome! lol, like fuck! he actually inspires and influences me to do Martial Arts again!

  • dave smith
    dave smith10 tahun yang lalu

    lol u trolls are noobs ofcorse theres ropes but Notice Heys Going Easy on them holding Back on his power lmao GG gg

  • Guigley
    Guigley10 tahun yang lalu

    Love the ropes.

  • tonyali02
    tonyali0210 tahun yang lalu

    once again 0:49

  • Chris Wilko
    Chris Wilko10 tahun yang lalu

    man he makes it look so easy

  • jetlee ming
    jetlee ming10 tahun yang lalu

    tony jaa only fight in movie not for real..if for real..he should come to fight with cung le in MMA that would be very...very..very big fight in this globe!!!!!!!!!

  • ParaAroi PlayNineD
    ParaAroi PlayNineD11 tahun yang lalu

    If some 1 want look his Video so here : Ong bak part , Tom yum goong part 1 And ong bak 2 part 1 xD hope u like it xD

  • 1Thomas187
    1Thomas18711 tahun yang lalu

    jod or buakaw would kick his ass man, hes a showmaker

  • Gustavo Uemura
    Gustavo Uemura11 tahun yang lalu

    uiaaaaaaaaaaa ouchhhhhhhhhhhhh iaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Cristina Marie Deane
    Cristina Marie Deane11 tahun yang lalu

    Dude!! he is sooo kickass!

  • whitepyro1332
    whitepyro133211 tahun yang lalu

    have you ever bin kicked in the head?? evan if some one follows threw with a kick if its strong enof you have a late reaction from the kick if your feet are planted firmly cause of the resistance you put on the momentum of the foot.

  • hakukashi
    hakukashi11 tahun yang lalu

    wow!tony jaa's a real living shotgun!

  • Shred Freak
    Shred Freak11 tahun yang lalu

    its just a demo lol and for the stuntman's sake he'd have to hold back on his strikes

  • EchoOfPharos
    EchoOfPharos11 tahun yang lalu

    for a country with so many different people, we can be surprisingly unthoughful

  • robjmiller84
    robjmiller8411 tahun yang lalu

    you do realize those guys are flipping over a second after he kicks at their heads, right? look at 0:33

  • Hypedhopes19
    Hypedhopes1911 tahun yang lalu

    It are maybe stuntman but Tony hardly holds back on his punches, its a different movie culture there then for instance french fight movies.Estetic effect is more important then the props health for sure.

  • Robin Smith
    Robin Smith11 tahun yang lalu

    i kno he can do all that but i jus wanted to kno if hes actually hitting them or if they're jus pretending to be hit and fall down and stuff

  • denut-L YEZZiR
    denut-L YEZZiR11 tahun yang lalu

    Wow! moves i've never seen before. I'm guessing there's going to be a video game with his kind of style in it soon.