Slap Happy Seal

Hewan & Peliharaan

This seal from the Morro Bay aquarium is pretty wacky!


  • Max Salusky
    Max Salusky6 tahun yang lalu

    This is actually the worst aquarium in the world (look it up I shit you not). The enclosures are the size of bathtubs and are almost never cleaned.

  • shitty rs
    shitty rs8 tahun yang lalu


  • John Bano
    John Bano8 tahun yang lalu


  • ibecmo
    ibecmo9 tahun yang lalu

    "GET IN MAHHH BELLEHHH" *Slaps Belly*

  • Unoriginal Kitty
    Unoriginal Kitty9 tahun yang lalu

    I went and saw that guy the other day. He's a big ham, puts on airs, and he seems to take food from the other seals- but because he's so fat, he can't slip between the cages like the skinnier ones.

  • MagWrath
    MagWrath10 tahun yang lalu

    He's Like, "Kiss my ass Esse" *spank spank*

  • railfreak99
    railfreak9912 tahun yang lalu

    no its in morro bay

  • PARAMORE1300
    PARAMORE130013 tahun yang lalu

    this is that "aquarium" in cambria. that place is cruel and should be shut down.