• Ashley Kopak
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    inuit can do better

  • Music and Monsters
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  • Quinntus79
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    That’s a sea Lion. While both seals and sea lions are pinnipeds, sea lions have long front flippers they use for propelling themselves through the water, and a rotating hipbone. Seals have holes where there ears are, tiny front flipped with claws to grab onto ice flows, and a fused hip bone.

  • celular amigo
    celular amigo7 bulan yang lalu

    Eu tô te falando rapaz cara é bom !!

  • yuriko s
    yuriko s7 bulan yang lalu

    that’s some mortal kombat level shit

  • يوميات مصري في تايلاندا Ahmed ElSherbini
    يوميات مصري في تايلاندا Ahmed ElSherbini8 bulan yang lalu

    The most beautiful tour of Bengal Street in Phuket, Thailand, sightseeing fun iddown.info/the/a2u7YpuvrZiPe9E/video.html

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    𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚏𝚛𝚘𝚖 𝙸𝚗𝚍𝚒𝚊🇮🇳

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    He is the best

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    I am tony jaa biggest fan😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    Scary to me makes me think about it after something that sticks with me

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    Gajab bhaiya

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    amazing my fucking bro, keep ut the good my brother

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    Awesome hat

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    takraw roll spike nice kick

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    O my god

  • Bartenational Bart - email - nationwide
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    so much work goes into a movie, I can't imagine making a story board or script for my sh!tty youtube videos, much less a 2 hour movie ... So many smart amazing people out there, super inspiring. Also I cannot seem to mobilize people like he did. I guess that is why he is a director and I draw unicorns for pudding packs

  • Bartenational Bart - email - nationwide
    Bartenational Bart - email - nationwide2 tahun yang lalu

    That was a great interview - I could imagine Paul Rueben just like "fuck not again, let it go people" - ha ha

  • Bartenational Bart - email - nationwide
    Bartenational Bart - email - nationwide2 tahun yang lalu

    I heard they had died? -

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    This is the reason why the moon has to maintain a distance from earth

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    do coke much rob zombie

  • Sunil Kushwah
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    I love you sir ji ..I love you to

    LAW SIU LUNG7 tahun yang lalu

    tony jaa is the best !

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  • GC T. Nazareno
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    +Daniel Evele he is born in Thailand with Cambodian descent so he speaks Northern Khmer and Thai :)

  • Richy K.
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    Do some fucking research scumbag...his nationality but his ethnicity is khmer you ladyboy

  • rj ru
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    That is extremely impressive, but it's 8 feet and some inches.

  • rj ru
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    @Shaun Latelers he is 5'6" and has long arms which makes his standing reach around 7'6". So the target couldn't be higher than 9'.

  • Shaun Latelers
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    No it 10

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    This is actually the worst aquarium in the world (look it up I shit you not). The enclosures are the size of bathtubs and are almost never cleaned.

  • never gank
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    woaahh so impressive !

  • CheesecakeFarini
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    highest 540 kick.

  • Kevin Abraham
    Kevin Abraham6 tahun yang lalu

    That wasn't a 540 kick.... He just did a roundhouse kick and landed with the foot he kicked....

  • Jaswanth pheinox
    Jaswanth pheinox7 tahun yang lalu

    tony jaa is incrideble but he cant beat bruce lee

  • Mrinmoy Roy
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    I don't think even Tony Jaa will deny that.

  • Elizabeth Barlow
    Elizabeth Barlow4 tahun yang lalu

    wish Bruce lee hadn't died

  • troywin45
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    Better? That'a a joke. Tony Jaa is just an actor. Look at Buakaw.

  • Mehmet Durmuş
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    20---martinal figters-40 years old,,,number one tony jaa

  • Hiếu Trần
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  • Ron Toles
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    What in the world sis??

  • Rexman Ng
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    that made me laugh by the way, so thank you :)

  • elh686
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    I'd check out some Donnie Yen also as much of a star in china as any that I've seen on some "best of" lists. He gets 4gotten in these types of discussions but he's the real deal and you'd be surprised at how many movies you've actually seen him in.

  • AV0LTAG3
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    I wasn't being ignorant at all, I was simply stating my opinion on the most boring thing on TV.

  • HouseCat Pro
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  • Aymane Mabrouki
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    Bitch please

  • japncuz
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    i was not replying about the video. i was replying to your ignorant comment you posted 3 months ago about UFC.

  • AV0LTAG3
    AV0LTAG38 tahun yang lalu

    because it's one style of martial arts in this video.....

  • japncuz
    japncuz8 tahun yang lalu

    explain in what way its not mixed martial arts?

  • tsakalove
    tsakalove8 tahun yang lalu

    he can dunk with his feet

  • Simon Joseph
    Simon Joseph8 tahun yang lalu

    well said...

  • Simon Joseph
    Simon Joseph8 tahun yang lalu

    so if u r in first floor.. this guy can kick ur ass off from ground floor...

  • Ricky Kid Gamer
    Ricky Kid Gamer8 tahun yang lalu

    how about Ong Bak kick.

  • Ifil Neina
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    Tony's KICK

  • Ricky Kid Gamer
    Ricky Kid Gamer8 tahun yang lalu

    Does anybody know the Name of that Kick?

  • Nick S
    Nick S8 bulan yang lalu

    Yeah, it's called the "kick-a-nine-foot-nigga-in-the-face" kick 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    FENÔMENO DO ALÉM8 tahun yang lalu


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    tony jaa is the legend !!!

  • Blasphemyy1
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    the way u can compare ja to lee is they both took there art mastered it then brought it for u to know. period.

  • _Theo
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  • Zap Rowsdower
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    lol im using that

  • I Am A Baller
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    DAMN, Tony Jaa is BEAST

  • TheSnootySoup
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    "Ufc is only good for grunting and panting while two men roll around half naked on the floor." Slogan of the year. LOL!

  • its1031
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    pffffffst, that's that bull shit. I can do that, here, hold me beer.

  • mkdynamitepuncher
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    Kung fu *

  • mkdynamitepuncher
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    Why would anybody hate on this guy ? Ok dnt compare him with Bruce lee because Kung and Muay Thai is not the same Bruce lee is legend and tony jaa is extremely good at Muay Thai , shouldn't compare them they are both great examples of their own unique styles at martial arts . R.I.P Bruce lee

  • AV0LTAG3
    AV0LTAG38 tahun yang lalu

    correction. Ufc is only good for grunting and panting while two men roll around half naked on the floor. I can't believe some people actually call it "mixed martial arts"

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    i love tony ja -////-

  • 3786738reggie
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    lol mabey even better??

  • lawrence campbell
    lawrence campbell8 tahun yang lalu

    stop comparing ufc fighters to the real martial artist..ufc is only good for the octagon..

  • S H E N *
    S H E N *7 bulan yang lalu

    That's the dumbest shit I've ever heard in a while

  • lina zayad
    lina zayad8 tahun yang lalu

    it was really amazing

  • solidsports12
    solidsports128 tahun yang lalu

    They have two totally different styles. It's like comparing Michael Jordan and Joe Montana.

  • ธีรภัทร ทัดสอน
    ธีรภัทร ทัดสอน8 tahun yang lalu

    thai .

  • Murinzi Tonny
    Murinzi Tonny8 tahun yang lalu


  • mehmet ersaln
    mehmet ersaln8 tahun yang lalu


  • trendsonic77
    trendsonic778 tahun yang lalu

    real life Adon.

  • cornilius7
    cornilius78 tahun yang lalu

    .. tony jaa good martial artist.. but dont compare him to Bruce.. master Lee was a prophet for martial arts..h was my motivation for martial arts.. cause h had philosophy .. not just kick n punch .. dont forget h created jeet kune do.. forgive them Master Lee .. they dont know wot they r saying.. :)

  • HomoSapien2012
    HomoSapien20128 tahun yang lalu

    and what about donny yen, ve u forgot the "IP MAN" guy?

  • tig662
    tig6628 tahun yang lalu

    Bunch of haters. Don't knock what you can't do yourself. Until you post a video of you doing the Shit, Piss off.

  • tumtum821
    tumtum8218 tahun yang lalu

    Bruce Lee and Jony Jaa are both great martial artists with different skills. People like to be entertained when they watch movies so things will not be 100% 'real'. Maybe this is not an effective kick for a real life situation but I can appreciate the skill and ability involved in pulling off a kick this high. The main point of this kind of kick (in my opinion) is to entertain and "wow" people and to demonstrate the "art" in martial art. Great kick Tony Jaa and Bruce Lee will always be a legend.

  • DragonPunch2theFace
    DragonPunch2theFace8 tahun yang lalu

    pick any kungfu student from china and they can do the same shit tony is nothing special

  • DragonPunch2theFace
    DragonPunch2theFace8 tahun yang lalu

    you're statement makes no sense he never kicks high but does in movies?? so he does or doesn't he?? tony jaa movies dont' even look realistic 100% of the time its choreographed him to win without failing and cheats by using weapons like elephant tusks to stab unarmed people take away ong bak and his a nobody

  • DragonPunch2theFace
    DragonPunch2theFace8 tahun yang lalu

    what the fuck are you talking about have you seen bruce lee kick towards kareem abdul jabbar head?? and that wasn't a kick that AIMED upward which tony does and thus gives you an advantage

  • TheShinobi32
    TheShinobi328 tahun yang lalu

    Were do you see dancing it looks like what it is witch is muay boran.

  • SnakeEngine
    SnakeEngine8 tahun yang lalu

    Bruce Lee never kicked high, only in movies.

  • Gillian Göckel
    Gillian Göckel8 tahun yang lalu

    oh...ok thanks

  • shitty rs
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  • DarkCity94
    DarkCity949 tahun yang lalu

    'OMFG that was high!' kick... In other words I think its just an improvised kick to demonstrate Tony Jaa's abilities.